Upgrade to Advanced Subscription Plan

Upgrade to Advanced Subscription Plan


Finally we have completed the work on our second subscription plan called Advanced. This subscription plan allows you to remove most of the limits from our service usage and adds more features for you.

First of all now you may create up to 5 projects with no limitation for its endpoints, regular expressions, dynamic response properties and so forth. With Advanced plan you can perform up to 1000 requests per day witout any monthly limitation. Most likely this will be more than enough for all of your team or even company. The request log allows to store up to 5000 records for 2 months.

Regarding the new features. Now you can update or remove existing projects. So in case you have 5 projects and want to add another, you may simply drop one of your previous projects. But the main feature here is that you can set your own custom subdomain name, e.g. mydomain.api.quickmocker.com.

The Advanced subscription plan monthly price is about a price of a cup of tea or coffee. So if you have ability to support this service with a "cup of tea or coffee" each month, this would be really great for us and would motivate us to work even harder making the service better for you and other developers each day. By the way, you may save up to half dollar (0.5$) or 17% in case you purchase an annual subscription period using annual discount. See the screenshot below how to do it.

Annual Discount

Please have a look at and compare all of the plans and their limits / features at the Pricing section of our home page. You can start the upgrade process directly right from the Pricing section while logged in or else from your Profile page.

Plan Upgrade

For more specific information about the subscription periods, renewal, recurring periods, payments and so forth, please have a look at our Terms and Conditions page starting from the section "Subscription plans (free and paid)".

We are constantly improving and adding new features to existing plans and particularly we will be improving with more features Advanced plan too. So stay tuned. We'll be in touch soon ;)