Expert Subscription Plan Available

Expert Subscription Plan Available


We are happy to announce that our final subscription plan Expert has been released and currently is available for purchase. We’ve been working for the last few months on finalizing its features and now it is ready for you.

Switch to Expert plan to get new features like endpoint proxy, restrict endpoint by IP Address and/or Authorization Header, download log records to CSV file.

Read below all new features in details:

  • Turn any endpoint into Proxy if you need. For instance if you want to test and debug real web services, instead of updating URL(s) in the app and rebuilding it, simply add a proxy to your endpoint.
  • Make your endpoints private using following types of restrictions:
    • Restrict your endpoints using allowed IP Address(es). You may use multiple IP Addresses and/or IP ranges for restriction configuration. All clients that do not match allowed IPs will get error response with 403 (Forbidden) status code. 
    • Restrict your endpoints using Authorization Header. All requests that do not have Authorization Header with the value you expect will receive error response with 401 (Unauthorized) status code.
  • Download project’s log records with all the request and response data in CSV format.

More information about the new features available on the FAQ page. Turn on the Expert plan through Pricing block or at Profile page.

Except for this, we are still working on a few new features that will be released early next year:

  • We are working on extending amount of dynamic response values or shortcodes for response templating (ETA: 15.01.2021) with the following items:
    • (requestValue:<propertyName>) - return values that were present in the request body (json, xml) inside a response
    • (requestBody) - return back all the request body inside a response
    • (randomName:<first|last|both>) - generate some random name (e.g. John Doe) and return in response
    • (randomString:<length>) - generate some random string (A-z) of a specific length and return in response
    • (randomBool) - generates boolean on of the following boolean values `true` or `false` and returns in response
  • Another interesting feature is response cache. We’ll allow you to mark any endpoint as “cached”. This means that random dynamic response values will not be regenerated on each request. This will make your experience with our response templating even better. Obviously there will be an extra button that can clear the cache of the endpoint in order to regenerate the dynamic response values once again if there’s a need (ETA: 30.01.2021)
  • Search and filter project’s log records (ETA: 27.02.202)