QuickMocker added Monaco Editor for code editing

QuickMocker added Monaco Editor for code editing


QuickMocker has recently introduced several UI/UX improvements and one of the most important is an embedded Monaco Editor for code related fields. For your information, Monaco is a code editor that is used in the VS Code and distributed under the MIT license.

From now on you may edit your fake API or dummy API endpoint’s response headers and body in a very familiar way for you. Just the same as you are writing code in your favourite code editor. Mouse right click for the context menu or use keyboard shortcuts like F1 for accessing commands list menu, Ctrl+Shift+I for automatic code formatting etc. Monaco editor has been also added to the OpenAPI import modal where you can paste Specifications JSON schema in order to create your stub API endpoints in bulk.

In addition for the convenience of code view the full screen mode has been introduced for each field that is using Monaco Editor.

Thank you for using QuickMocker and wish you a happy API mocking!