Subscription Plans Upgrades: New Features and Quotas Increase

Subscription Plans Upgrades: New Features and Quotas Increase


Holidays are really close and this is a perfect time for presents. So, we have prepared great presents for everyone who is using or willing to use QuickMocker by adding more features and increasing our free and premium quotas or limits.

First of all, we have moved multiple premium features of Expret plan to Advanced and Free Subscription Plans. Therefore, now you can:

  • Add endpoint(s) IP address(es) restriction: allows requests only from specific IP address(es)
  • Add Authorization Header restriction: allow requests only if the requests header includes provided Authorization Header.
  • Requests Proxy: proxy requests from your endpoint to any external URL

Thus, all of these features are available on every Subscription Plan.

Secondly we have greatly increased quotas or limits on requests and log records in every subscription plan (free and premiums). All the quotas and limitations are now up by 80-120%.

Preview on the animated image below how the Subscription Plans features and quotas has been upgraded:

Preview of Subscription Plan upgrades

If you are looking for the online API mocking tool, QuickMocker will be a perfect option for you. If you already use other API mocking solutions, we hope you'll find QuickMocker as a good or even better alternative. So, simply register or login and start creating your fake endpoints for free.

And of course we want to express our gratitude to all of our existing users and especially to the ones that are in contact with us and pointing out some of the flaws and weak sides. Thanks to you we can improve and make this product better every day.

As you might know, we have also released big updates to our Shortcodes and also added the Cache Response Body feature. And now in addition to all of these, as you see, we have upgraded all of our subscription plans. We really count on you, your understanding and possible cooperation. In case you have any troubles, notice any glitch or bug, please give a shout through our contact form. We promise to get back to you quickly with ETA of the update or fix.

One more thing to note is that right after the new year we are planning to add an online chat solution to QuickMocker which should be a quicker and more convenient way for you to reach us. And from our side we will answer all of your queries even faster than before.

Hope to see you mocking your API on QuickMocker soon!