Shortcodes - Dynamic or Fake Response Values

Use shortcodes to output request information dynamically in the response or else to generate a random fake data.

Below is the list of all the shortcodes available at QuickMocker grouped by categories. You may also view sample response body templates that include the shortcodes to understand better the purpose and usage of dynamic response values.

Click the shortcode to copy it to the clipboard. Mouse over the shortcode to see its possible description and parameters. Many of the fake data shortcodes have a locale parameter that allows to generate the data in the local language and format depending on the region. Locale parameter has to be the last parameter always, e.g. (realText:1000:en_US) or (realText:1000:4:en_US).

Other Information

Available date formatting options: Click here

Availables locale values: ar_JO, ar_SA, at_AT, bg_BG, bn_BD, cs_CZ, da_DK, de_AT, de_CH, de_DE, el_CY, el_GR, en_AU, en_CA, en_GB, en_HK, en_IN, en_NG, en_NZ, en_PH, en_SG, en_UG, en_US, en_ZA, es_AR, es_ES, es_PE, es_VE, et_EE, fa_IR, fi_FI, fr_BE, fr_CA, fr_CH, fr_FR, he_IL, hr_HR, hu_HU, hy_AM, id_ID, is_IS, it_CH, it_IT, ja_JP, ka_GE, kk_KZ, ko_KR, lt_LT, lv_LV, me_ME, mn_MN, ms_MY, nb_NO, ne_NP, nl_BE, nl_NL, pl_PL, pt_BR, pt_PT, ro_MD, ro_RO, ru_RU, sk_SK, sl_SI, sr_Cyrl_RS, sr_Latn_RS, sr_RS, sv_SE, th_TH, tr_TR, uk_UA, vi_VN, zh_CN, zh_TW

We have also prepared 3 sample templates for the response body that include shortcodes. View the sample response body templates by clicking this link.

For the better performance of the Shortcodes and to make the response body static, use the Response Body Caching feature.