New Shortcodes: Dynamic or Fake Response Values

New Shortcodes: Dynamic or Fake Response Values


Sooner than expected, we are introducing approximately 100 shortcodes additionally to the request related shortcodes that were already inside QuickMocker. Most of the new shortcodes are related to the fake random data. They are separated into the following groups:

  • Request Related (Contextual)
  • Boolean and Numbers
  • Text (Lorem and real)
  • User Profile (e.g. name, email, company data, address related info etc.)
  • Internet
  • Finance (Payment)
  • Date and Time
  • Hash
  • File
  • Color
  • Other

We have added a separate modal window where you can find all the available shortcodes, check their possible parameters and copy the shortcode by clicking on it.

Link to the Shortcodes: Dynamic or Fake Response Values

Shortcodes: Dynamic or Fake Response Values - Modal Windows

The same information could be found here: Shortcodes - Dynamic or Fake Response Values.

Many of the shortcodes do support locale parameter (e.g. de_DE), which allows you to output some fake text using different languages or for instance use region related fake phone numbers.

In addition, there are sample templates that include shortcodes available for you. Go to this page "Sample Shortcode Response Body Templates" to get a better overview and understanding of shortcodes usage.

Last but not least, we introduced the Response Body Caching. With the help of this option, your fake random data generated by the shortcodes will become static, which means it won't be regenerated after each request. This will make your development experience better and it will also speed up the response time.

One more thing you might have noticed. We have changed the alternative name of the shortcodes from Dynamic Response Properties to Dynamic Response Values, which is a better and more precise definition for the shortcodes.

In case you notice any issue with any shortcode, please write us a short message through our contact form. We promise to get back to you with the quick fix or additional instructions of proper usage.